Stop being AFRAID of what could go WRONG and start getting EXCITED of what could go right. - Tony Robbins

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Hello Everyone,

My name is Aisha, Welcome to Break Free Nomad (B.F.N)! My mission is to teach you how to break free. Breaking free means many things to each person. B.F.N is not always about work, I will talk about being able to enjoy life too. Thank you for being here, and let’s get started...

It’s better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life. - Elizabeth Kenny

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How to be successful working at home?

During this time of uncertainty, many people are needing to work at home. I have been working at home for a year now and wanted to share some tips that have helped me.


Who/What is Break Free Nomad??

I feel I haven't properly introduced myself. My name is Aisha ( i-e-sha) and I am Break Free Nomad.....


5 tips for creating AND managing a budget in 2020

We are almost done with January and we have stuck with our new diet. Now, it's time to focus on our pockets. It's 2020 and we need to save money, buy things we need, and the things we want. I have put together 5 tips for creating AND managing a budget.

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