How to be successful working at home?

People often imagine working from home is easy breezy. Not having to sit in traffic for who knows how long, forgetting your lunch at home, or the many things that could go wrong with our vehicles. Working from home does have some PROS that many don’t think about. Such as it could offer some flexibility and you can save money on things like gas and clothes. 


I have been working at home for over a year and I admit there are days where it takes too much time to get out of bed. Then there are other days where I get up when my alarm goes off, do my morning routine, and get right to work. I don’t have set hours I need to work, but there are some positions that allow you to work at home at specific times. Keep in mind that these tips can be used for either one. I have done both types of working at home and companies encourage these good habits. 


During this pandemic, some were forced into working at home without knowing what they were in for. Also, there are some who simply choose not to work at home because they feel they won’t be as productive. After reviewing and practicing these tips for being successful working at home, I hope you decide that working from home isn’t so bad. 


Here are tips for being successful working at home:


Organization. This will help you stay on track and avoid working too much or too little. Create a filing system, schedules, and to-do lists.


Have a set workspace. This may be easier said than done especially if you've never worked at home before. However, you can choose a comfortable space WITHOUT a TV or bed. Make it look as close to a true work environment as possible. This will also be a great place to store all work-related files and supplies.


Plan your day. This will be helpful to minimize distractions. You can still maintain the routines you had when you physically went to work, but planning will let you have some workaround. Also, you can plan for things that normally wouldn't be an issue.


Avoid distractions. Yes, I am talking about the bed and the kitchen. When we are at home that's when we are most comfortable, but this time our work is also at home. This is why planning ahead will be IMPORTANT. Have snacks ready and have children care in place.


Set office hours/take breaks. Create a time slot for pretty much everything. This includes your breaks and when you need to eat. You need to take time to get up walk around and take breaks from working.


I wish you success at anything you do. I’ll be posting more tips on being successful, so keep an eye out. Please follow my Instagram account and BE SAFE! 


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